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«UDC is the basis for systematization of human knowledge in libraries, databases and other information repositories. UDC adopted to index documents in most countries. In Russia, the UDC is the mandatory details of all books and information the natural and technical sciences.»
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Methodological Approaches to Evaluation Intellectual Capital

Number: 3 from 2014 year
Rubric: Human Resource Management
UDC: 330.142
Original article submitted: 21 August 2014
Revision submitted: 29 August 2014
Tretyakova Tamara I
intellectual capacity, scientific potential, educational potential, human potential, creative (innovative) capacity, information capacity, vital capacity, and cultural potential

The article highlights the varying valuation methodologies intellectual potential, both foreign domestic researchers and scientists. On the basis of the studied techniques proposed method of estimating the author's intellectual potential with the introduction of the integrated index - Index of Intellectual Development (IRD).

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