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Organizational-Economic Problems of Administration oh the Production Rhythm

Number: 3 from 2014 year
Rubric: Organization and Planning
UDC: 65.012.2
Original article submitted: 18 August 2014
Revision submitted: 25 August 2014
Brazhnikov Maksim A
Khorina Irina V
the rhythm of production, operational control, organizational structure, rate setting labor, administrative calculation, the stimulation of personnel, the qualification of personnel

The system of day-to-day production planning - this is the powerful tool of the development of the reserves of an increase in the productivity of labor, rhythmicity of production and effective work of enterprise. The basic problems of the functioning of the system of schedule planning are caused by the contradictions of the process of rate setting technological operations, stimulation of personnel, organization of administrative calculation. The solution of the problems indicated is connected with the distribution of functions and the development of the corresponding organizational structure of the planning-dispatch service of enterprise.

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