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Series: Name vestnik
Decimal Classification (UDC):

«UDC is the basis for systematization of human knowledge in libraries, databases and other information repositories. UDC adopted to index documents in most countries. In Russia, the UDC is the mandatory details of all books and information the natural and technical sciences.»
source — http://viniti.ru

Transcript UDC

Call for Papers

Article text is typed in Microsoft Word 2003 format B5 (182 × 257 mm). Margins: top — 1.7 cm; bottom — 1.7 cm; left — 2 cm; right — 2 cm. Font Times New Roman, font size — 11 pt, Indent — 0.7 cm, line spacing — single; text alignment — in width. Not allowed additional formatting (insert breaks for sections in adjacent columns of the table and continue to post pictures and text t. N.).

Structural element of the article are:
1. UDC, font size 11 pt.
2. Title of the article — uppercase, p / w, font size 11 pt.
3. The author’s initials, surname — p / w, italic, 11 pt.
4. Place of work of the authors in the nominative case, 8 pt.
5. The mailing address of the place of work, 8 pt.
6. Abstract (Summary) — from 3 to 10 lines, font size — 10 pt, italic.
7. E-mail.
8. A list of keywords. Begins in bold italic heading «Keywords», after which the colon and placed its own list of keywords articles, separated by commas. Font size — 10 pt.
9. The content part, including introduction, main part and conclusion of the article.
10. List of references.
11. The contents of paragraphs 2 — 6 in English.

Tables and figures:
All placed in the article tables and figures (drawings, diagrams, charts, computer printouts, charts, photographs) should be present in the text of the link. Each illustration and table should have a meaningful name and number. Should be used sequentially numbered (Arabic numerals) within the articles separately for illustrations and tables. Gaps in the columns when no data is filled by a dash. Numerical data in the tables do not accompany measurement units last render text in the outset, the head or the name of the table. The name of the table is centered, font size — 10 pt, p / w. Text table — 10 pt.

Figures should be carefully prepared for publication in electronic form (scanned or performed in a graphics editor) and inserted into the text of the article. Drawings made using the drawing tools MS Office, should be fully grouped. Articles with colored drawings are accepted. Graphs should be clearly marked in the appropriate units and the digital display on the coordinate axes, as well as a complete system of indexes of all the curves in the figure captions or text. All curves have to be drawn clear lines of the same thickness, sufficient for a clear view in the drawing.

If the text of a drawing, it is not numbered. Captions — Font size 10 pt; explanations for captions — font size 9 pt.

It is recommended to minimize the number of figures and tables.

For formulas, you need to use a special equation editor — MS Equation, supplied with MS Word. The legend of all values, upper and lower indices are prohibited from using the letters of the Russian alphabet.

Formulas that are referenced in the text are numbered and centered line equation number should match with the right edge of the text. After each formula in accordance with the context should be punctuation (comma, period, and so on. N.).

List of references should begin heading «REFERENCES» and include a numbered list of sources, compiled in accordance with GOST. Font Size — 9 pt. Authors’ names are in italics. Information on the sources should be placed on the list in the order of appearance of references to sources in the text. In the bibliography should not include unpublished materials. When you link to an article published in the «Bulletin of the Samara State Technical University», necessarily indicate the name of the series.

References in the text are given in square brackets, for example [1], [2, 3], [4-7], [4, p. 125]. The paper should be prepared in full compliance with the requirements and submitted electronically with a name made up of the names (first two) authors (eg Kuznetsov_Smirnov.doc) with the application of printed text articles and information about the author.

File with the text of the manuscript must be accompanied by another file containing information about the authors (last name, first name, academic degree, academic rank, full name of work, mailing address, place of employment, job title, phone numbers and e-mail for prompt communication). Additional file name: Кузнецов_Смирнов_Сведения.doc.

Articles that do not meet these rules of registration will be returned to the authors without review.


The procedure for reviewing manuscripts

All material published in the journal, subject to internal and external review. Received by Contributor tested primary control on the completeness and correctness of the (3 days).

Article accepted only on condition that it complies with all the requirements and conditions of the publication of the articles.

Article logged secretary of the editorial board in the log entries with the date of receipt, name, name author (s), place of work of the author (s).

All materials are provided to the editor on electronic media or by email vest_ekonom@samgtu.ru.

On each article submitted to the External Review, signed by the appropriate scientific expert profile with the degree of candidate or doctor of sciences.

The editor sends the article on peer reviewed by members of the editorial board, supervising the appropriate heading of the magazine, or external reviewers — members of advisory council, whose membership is approved by an editor.

Member of the editorial board should review articles designed to review, within two weeks of receipt and submit to the editor in person or by e-mail review or a reasoned refusal to review.

The reviewer can: Share the article for publication; Share article for publication in revised based on comments; not to recommend an article for publication. If the reviewer recommends an article for publication in revised based on comments or recommend the article for publication — in the review must state the reasons for that decision.

After receiving the reviews at the next meeting of the editorial board discusses the articles received and the final decision about the publication or to refuse to publish articles. On the basis of the decision to the author (s) sent an email on behalf of the Editorial Board. In a letter to an overall assessment of the article; If an article can be published after completion (based on comments) — provides recommendations for improvement (removal of comments); If the article is not accepted for publication — the reasons for that decision.

If sufficient grounds articles can be sent to additional or anonymous peer review.

Article directed by the author to the editor after the removal of the comments discussed in general terms. In the logbook annotation of the date of receipt of a new version of the article.

Attracting external reviewers of the expert council may, if no member of the editorial board, who oversees some scientific categories.