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«UDC is the basis for systematization of human knowledge in libraries, databases and other information repositories. UDC adopted to index documents in most countries. In Russia, the UDC is the mandatory details of all books and information the natural and technical sciences.»
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General provisions
The journal "Bulletin of the Samara State Technical University. Series: Economic sciences «published since 2004 and is a periodic scientific publications issued by Samara State Technical University to develop research activities, support of leading scientific schools and training of highly qualified personnel.

Subject entries:
— Questions of Economic Theory
— National and World Economy
— Economics and Management in Industry
— Human Resource Management
— Entrepreneurship
— Economic Security
— Environmental Economics
— Management in the service sector
— Organization and planning of production
— Mathematical Methods in Economics

Submitted to the journal work should be completed research and contain new scientific results that have not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Accepted for publication in the form of articles (font size 11 pt) of up to 7 pages (including figures and tables), as well as short messages (volume 2 — 4 c., Together with figures and tables). The volume of invited papers set by the Editorial Board.

Priority considered custom and review articles, materials, doctoral and master’s theses, as well as work supported RFH or other funds. Graduate work 1 — 2 years of training are encouraged to submit in the form of short messages.

All submitted work Editorial send for review. The decision to publish the editorial board of the journal is taken on the basis of expert assessments of reviewers with regard to the relevant submissions, the thematic focus of the magazine, their scientific merit and relevance.

The article needs work, sent to authors with the reviewers’ comments and the scientific editor. Authors should take into account all the observations made in the course of reviewing and editing articles, answers to each of the comments. If you disagree with the reviewer or editor, the author should briefly and clearly justify its position. Revised article re-reviewed and the editorial board’s decision to publish. Articles posted edited for revision after review and corrected in accordance with the reviewers’ comments, should be returned to the editorial office within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt by the authors, in this case, the first saved date of receipt. Article returned to the editorial office at the expiration of this period, will have a new date of receipt.

The editors did not provide a copy of proof of article authors on the paper. Article will be sent to the author in a pdf-file for review and final proofing. At the stage of proofreading is not permitted to replace the text, figures or tables. If proof authors noticed typos and inaccuracies, that the editors should submit a file with a detailed list of required patches. In the absence of a response from the authors of the article may not be published and is on the editorial portfolio to get a response.

The editors reserve the right to reject without review articles that do not match the profile of the magazine or decorated with a violation of the rules. At all stages of work with manuscripts for communication with authors, editors and reviewers use e-mail, so the authors should be careful when specifying your email address and promptly notify the Editor to change it.

In the presence of the editorial portfolio of several works by one author in the current issue may be published only one work (choice of editorial board), the second — in the next room, and so on. In exceptional cases, the editorial board may decide to publish no more than two works of one author. Text of the article, written in Russian, must be carefully edited, signed by all the authors «in print.»
For experimental article recommends the following sections: «Introduction»;
«Materials and Methods»; «Results»; «Talk»;
«Literature». Theoretical, reviews and topical articles may have any structure, but must contain a summary. The presence of partitions and their names in these items is defined by the authors. Signature of the author (s) at work means their consent to the transfer of Samara State Technical University the right to distribute printed and electronic versions of the work presented.

Attached to the article:
1. information about the authors (last name, first name, the name and address of the organization, complete mailing address and telephone number (office and home) each co-author, e-mail);
2. The expert opinion;
3. The author’s reference;
4. The contract transferring copyright to the publication;
5. Acceptance protocol to the treaty.

For the publication of manuscripts of charge.